Emma West Reiki, Mindfulness, Crystals and Sound Healing

Peace. Calm. Clarity, Transform.

Emma West is a Sound Therapist, Ecstatic Dance Dj and Shamanic Practitioner from Dublin. Welcome to this space, where like-minded individuals seek out alternative therapies to help transform their lives.

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing is a complimentary therapy that can help to improve the flow and balance within the physical body and its energetic field (the chakra system and aura)

HEal with me

For Your Mind, Body & Soul

Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a practice using sound and vibration to relax the mind and body. Invite in more harmony and balance in your life through the use of sound frequencies

Sound Baths

A full-body listening experience that intentionally uses sound to invite gentle yet powerful therapeutic and restorative effects of the mind and body

Client Love

The sound bath was a unique experience, the irony that i could for once achieve a quiet space in my mind and body while being surrounded by sound. Grateful for this discovery

- Clíona McDonnell -

I have been coming to Emma for Reiki 1-1 and also her group sound baths, she has helped me so much this year in slowing down and releasing emotions that I don't need to hold onto, Ive gained so much clarity and have much more confidence in myself.

- Amy -

Emma’s sound baths are on another level, she takes you on a journey through sound that I have never experienced before. I look forward to them every month and I have found so much peace of mind and clarity through joining each session.

- Jessica Cullen -

Emma's Ecstatic Dance Ceremony's are amazing!! Great energy, great music, I felt so grounded after and slept so well!

- Lynn Downing -

Emma takes you on a soulful sound journey, I've never felt so relaxed and I look forward to her sessions

- Tracy O'Brien -

I adore the space that Emma's holds, her sound baths are just magic!

- Kelly Daly -
Ecstatic Dance

Press Play & Be Free. Because If You Don't Do Your Dance, Who Will?

Ecstatic Dance is a conscious dance practice that focuses on freedom of movement and self-expression, It’s an opportunity for you to be present, drop in and connect with your body and yourself on a deeper level alongside like minded people in a safe non judge-mental space.

At an Ecstatic Dance ceremony you will be guided by the DJ/Facilitator through a journey of different styles of music and tempo’s of uplifting tribal / shamanic/ electronic beats and slow melodic rhythms.